Our services

  • Offshore

    Offshore jobs include rig upgrades and modifications, from simple constructions, such as platforms and stairs, to more complex structures with special Steel Quality such as S690.
  • Workshop

    We are strategically located in the heart of Rotterdam, close to major road networks and
    Rotterdam/The Hague Airport.
    We are located at a quay side, which makes transportation per barge or ship possible.
  • Pressure testing

    Crowner's Services offers pressure testing services up to a pressure of 29000 psi.
    We ensure equipment is operating properly and can withstand working pressures.

  • Welding & Fitting

    Crowner's Services offers a wide range of on- and offshore fabrication and welding services. Our welders and fitters are capable of taking on any welding job.

  • Projects

    Crowner's Services is the ideal partner for your installation and construction needs. We also work with several design and engineering companies, in order to execute projects.
  • Heating - Bolt tensioning

    Crowner’s Services has a professional pre-heat and heat treatment crew in company.
    Bolt Tensioning tools provide a reliable, quick and easy method of tightening fasteners.